Jenn Blosil, “Human / Animal”

The Tonemamas like to appear sophisticated. Like, we spend our weekends listening to Beethoven while reading Kafka and then later using “kafkaesque” in a sentence (…what a word.) But here’s the thing, while we loving pretending to be sophisticated we carry an inner basic bitch around #tonebitch. And these Tonebitches LOVE a good music reality show! And so it is with great excitement that we get to write about a former American Idol contestant…meet Jenn Blosil!

Jenn Blosil

Blosil was born in a city that Billy Joel writes ballads for (Vienna), but raised in a place where all starry-eyed fame-hungry people flock to…Utah! (Yes, pretending that Utah is LA is a running Tonemill gag and now you’re in on it, so just laugh with us please…)

In her latest single, “Human/ Animal”, Blosil shows off her unique raspy voice that reminds us of Paloma Faith and Miss Li. Her tone is playful, yet sensual and empowering when she sings, “You want my  number, but you don’t want me/ Take it or leave it.” When the chorus hits, she belts out another great line, “And I feel nothing more than an animal,” and all we can do is try to belt with her and pretend our voices sound as smokey and original as dear Jenn’s…(they don’t, we were too busy trying to pronounce “kafkaesque”.)

Best listened to while: When you need some motivation to play it cool and hard-to-get with your latest crush and NOT  slip up, sending them a million texts… 

Listen for: 1:58, when Jenn finally gives us that money-note she’s been saving!

Check out Jenn here

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