Ocevnside Clvb, “Seasons”

Do you believe people can change? 
Today’s featured artist; Ocevnside Clvb argues that “Everything in life is bound to change without notice.” …2020 just called and she agreed with Ocevnside Clvb. (We didn’t hear any more because we hung up as quickly as we could! Get away from us 2020! Who gave you this number anyway?!)

Ocevnside Clvb

Ocevnside Clvn is a Toronto-based artist, music producer and songwriter (like seriously, what’s in the Canadian water?). Her newest release “Seasons” is  a beautiful ballad, set in a soaking wet guitar-driven landscape. When we hear self-produced artists, it is our Tonemama experience that it’s easy for artists to get lost in their ideas producing an unfocused song. That’s even more the case with young bedroom-producers. Ocevnside is a clear exception – her ability to pick beautiful ideas and commit to them is evident in this sleek and magical production. 
The artist’s vocal game is on point. Her voice is so fresh-sounding it could be sparkling water poured by a smartly dressed waiter in a five-star restaurant! There’s something so evocative and captivating about the whole sound that we urge you to hurry up and listen, Tonemillers before the seasons change! 

Best listened when: This is definitely a staring-out-of-a-window-with-a-meaningful-look-on-your-face-hoping-someone-sees-you type of song. 

Listen for: 0:11 when you first get to hear those clear, pitch-perfect vocals!

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