Lazy Days, Miss You

Remember when the pandemic first hit and we all had to tame our inner anxiety storms while staying inside/ isolating/ working from home…
Remember when we all panicked, fluctuated between emotional highs and lows like a yoyo, had one week of being a spiritual yoga-master and one week as a KFC professional snacker…
But you probably don’t know that while we were all going through all of that, there was one group of people that had a slightly different experience. In fact, a week into quarantine they were like, “Guys, this is what we’ve been training for all along! This is our time to shine!”
Who are they, you might ask?
The bedroom producers of course!
Today’s featured artist Lazy Days is a beautifully talented example of one of these specimens that we have the honor to share with you.

Lazy Days

20-year-old Lazy Days has managed to capture a piece of summer from his bedroom in Brighton, England. Where the Tonemamas are currently residing (the North Pole, yes we’ll say “hi” to Santa Claus for you), it is hard to remember what sunlight and warmth feels like. But when we’re listening to Lazy Days’ newest single “Miss You”, we are instantly transported to a road trip along a coast. Somewhere that’s hot and summery surrounded by friends and lovers. We’re feeling bubbly, happy, free and energized  by the sorely-missed sun. 
How does he do it? All the big synths? The pumping bass? The steady drum groove that moves us forward in a perfect tempo? We’re not sure, but it works! 

Lazys’s voice is filtered, buried and blended into the production like it’s just another synth. We have no idea what he’s saying except “I really miss you”. What or who he misses we don’t know, but based on the summery hipster-vibe we’re going take a guess it’s outdoor music-festivals, roof-top parties or drinking wine in the park….can I get a #hellyesustoo

Best listened to when: Whenever you need to escape to a happy summer’s day because Santa Claus is irritating you

Listen for: 0:28, when the drums kick in and we’re on the road. 

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