Rachel Bochner, “Ultraviolet”

The Tonemamas never forget that our initial Mill was built on the soil of New York City. 
Don’t be fooled by the wings we got, we’re still, we’re still the mamas from the block #loveyouJLO
But we do feel it’s been a while since we’ve been home. Today we’re returning to the original love of our lives, Miss NYC, and introducing one of her offspring: indie-artist Rachel Bochner. 

Rachel Bochner

To start off the new year, Rachel Bochner released her EP 2 AM. On the track “Ultraviolet”,  the artist serves us some clean vocals and a catchy melody over a dreamy production. Bochner keeps introducing new elements throughout the song and when the bridge hits we are transferred into a completely new musical landscape and groove. There’s something shameless and borderline mischievous about  how she has not “killed her darlings” at all. Keeping all of her good ideas and making beautiful space for them in her production it’s provocative and captivating and we’re 100% here for it.
We’re ultra passionate for “Ultraviolet”, and we invite you to share in the “ultra-ness” of it all. 

Best listened to while: Seeing the stars from New York City (that’s a line in the song guys, pay attention) or wherever you are. 

Listen for: 0:26, isn’t that pre-chorus melody just magical? 

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