Linéa, “Easy”

Sometimes we forget that releasing good music is actually rather difficult. 
You’ve got a great song! …But then the producer misunderstands the sound and you’re left with an unrecognizable product. 
You’ve just hired exceptional musicians! …But the arranger doesn’t quite know what they’re doing and all their individual greatness is diluted into a busy-sounding arrangement. …
You’ve got an original and beautiful voice! …But you don’t know how to write original and beautiful songs to match it…
You get the point. 
It’s rare that it all just works together, but Danish-Swedish Linéa reminds us that it is possible with her latest indie soul single, “Easy”.


Over a charismatic guitar riff (Patrick Bailey) and cheeky bass line (Thomas Drayton), Linéa’s voice completes the perfect minimalist arrangement with her light, crystal-clear tone. The production is flawless – producer Claire Courchene does all the right things in all the right places. Courchene fashions a graceful string arrangement while perfectly positioning each musical element – that unpredictable but fabulous plucking of strings at 01:32 is a solid example. She does what every great producer knows to do – not get in the way of the song. 

This song embodies what a good team can achieve – it all just works together. And as a cherry on top Linéa defies her own song title by making it all sound so incredibly easy.
Award to best collaboration goes to this group!

Best listened to while: while opening a bottle of wine and watching someone cook for you (…#Tonemamashavechefs)

Listen for this moment: 01:44 when Linéa just casually hits us with an effortless but jaw-droppingly beautiful adlib…why does she make everything sound so easy!

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