Denizen, “Daddy”

You know in Titanic when Rose ditches the caviar and champagne and goes below deck to dance, drink and fall in love like only the working class know how?
That’s precisely the kind of vibe we are dealing with today when listening to Denizen’s latest release: “Daddy” – we can basically smell the wonderful fragrance of beer-breath and sweaty smiles! Come join this below-deck party with us before the ship sinks (sorry #spoilers)


This fiddle-driven country-rock song is the product of NYC-based cousins Dave Schaefer and Pete Vale, along with Rashid Galadanci. The band has gone through various line-ups, but have toured and played around NYC regularly for the past ten years. Tonemillers, please give these fellows your sincere respect for truly earning their badge as local legends of the NYC music scene!
“Daddy” starts out with a fiddle that sounds like the soundtrack to a (problematic) old-school Hollywood Western-movie (we both know they never age well…). From there Denizen wastes no time, diving straight into train-drums, a driving repeating bass motif and saloon-sounding piano plus minimalistic guitars.  You know, all the ingredients to a good time below the deck! When the chorus finally hits the Tonemamas sing along with utmost enthusiasm, “No! no! Nooooooo!” while throwing our heads and chanting, “Right! Left! Riiiiiight!
Denizen knows how to lift the mood and we know how to dance, drink and fall in love – a deadly combination, you should try it! 

Listen for: 0:53, those fiddle slides! Not to be all 2020, but the fiddle slides are a whole mood!

Best listened to when: Like we said; dancing, drinking and falling in love! 

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