Sifa, “Tiny”

Anyone else sometimes look up at a clear night sky adorned with stars to reflect on the sheer size of the universe? 
And in doing that suddenly it makes you feel so very…tiny?
“The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you”, our favorite scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson tells us.
We know, Neil, but sometimes we like to think we can try.
Today’s featured artist Rwandan-American artist Sifa is taking a different path. No longer trying to make sense of it all she instead embraces all of it’s nonsensical-ness, majesty and wonder in her latest track appropriately titled, “Tiny.”


Although Sifa is expressing a sentiment of appreciating the simple things, her music is anything but. With a voice as expansive as the aforementioned night sky and as dazzling, rich and bright as the aforementioned stars – she is a meditation in and of itself.
“It’s the little things”, she sings convincingly enough to make the Tonemamas put down our iPhones as we automatically scroll through hundreds of mindless Instagram stories and think, “What are we doing?”

It starts off as a gentle plea but turns into a rousing and emotive roar at the end of the song – it’s enough to truly stop you in your multitasking tracks and come back to a moment of presence.
Sifa’s artistic intentions are to be saved by music as “the breath of life”, and after listening to this song we can confirm that we are feeling spiritually, emotionally and physically restored.

Best listened to while: Making a conscious decision to eliminate just one distraction that’s keeping you from appreciating the simple things (we’re choosing to watch 7 hours of Netflix instead of 8…#startsmall)

Listen for this moment: 3:05 – when Sifa rips open her heart and soul with the most emotionally satisfying vocals ever

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