Gold Man, “Wild Ones”

“I don’t ever send the first text / I don’t have that reflex / It has nothing to do with you.”
“Well first of all, stop showing off Gold Man,” the Tonemamas respond while scrolling through all the regrettable texts they in fact have not had the reflex to not send.
But back to the music!
Today’s featured artist is sassy,  confident and gets-straight-to-the-point. Tonemamas are, as the internet says, #obsessed! 

Gold Man

LA-based singer/songwriter Gold Man instantly grabs our attention with his clean, R&B voice. Man (that is his last name we assume) clearly has full control in the high register and reminds us of talents like Allen Stone and Bernhoft. The overall sound is chilled, fun, playful as well molto catchy (catchyssimo…?!
The production is groovy and minimalistic – each element has a clear purpose and everything is played with such surplus energy. Even the intricate slowed-down hits that happen in the bridge sounds effortless. Call us old fashioned, but nothing gets the Tonemamas going like some good ole’ musicianship – practice your instrument, kids! 
“I always fall for the wild ones / And I wish I could do better / Wonder will I ever learn” – well, Goldman is a wild one that the Tonemamas certainly have fallen for and bet you will do – go and listen pronto!

Best listened to:
Singing along in the mirror with a hairbrush as a microphone, moving from side to side, snapping your fingers, channeling your inner cheeky charm. 

Listen for: 0:04, we love how he just cuts straight to the chase!

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