The Kerosene Hours, “The Radio in My Room”

The Tonemamas have always had a gravitational pull towards the stranger things in life.
That which exists just beyond the peripheries of physical reality, that which exists on the edges of a dream. It seems we have a friend in these interests with today’s featured artist The Kerosene Hours. In his latest single, “The Radio in My Room” we are transported into an 80s soundscape chronicling a hauntingly beautiful love affair with the extraterrestrial.

Speaking of Stranger Things, Aaron Silverstein (the human behind The Kerosene Hours) has a voice that belongs to the center of the earth and to that which is beyond the earth. It is dramatic with a full and unusual, emotive vibrato. The effective distortion allows it to exist in a space we’re unfamiliar with, but totally drawn to.
Setting a scene of a quiet, insomnia-influenced night, he sings: “They come to visit – with their open hearts and big black eyes”.
It’s a terrifying lyric. But it’s the stuff with which Silverstein stitches together his creative universe- scary nights, bad dreams, fantasies, etc. 

“Love is love, no matter what planet you’re from,” Silverstein muses of this song.
Love is love, indeed.
Ditch the natural and be reacquainted with the supernatural in this highly original, fascinating and exquisite track. 

Best listened to while: With the lights off during Silverstein’s creative business hours – midnight to  4AM

Listen for this moment: 2:51 when he sings “Don’t make me cry” over the stripped guitar…we’re not crying, you’re crying! (…we’re all crying).

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