Sam Rappaport, “Till the Morning Comes”

A good Tonemama never favors one of their ‘millers. That’s on page one in the How to Tonemama Rule Book.
Having said that, there are certain artists that have been with us from the start. Of course we never feature the same artist twice.That’s on page 15 in the How to Tonemama Rule Book(we run a tight Tonemill ship here, folks!
But, there is a certain loophole and that is when an artist “goes solo”.
We first fell in love with him when hearing the sweet sounds of Gooseberry, and now we get to enjoy him as a solo man – introducing Sam Rappaport and his easy jazz ballad, “Till the Morning Comes”

Sam Rappaport

The ingredients to Rappaport’s latest single consist of: one slightly detuned upright piano, one upright bass and one big dose of upright talent (sorry, we know we are Tonemamas, but we love making #tonedadjokes.) Rappaport is drawing inspiration from traditional soul music like Otis Redding, but the salloony vibe is giving us strong associations to Tom Wait’s legendary album “Closing Time”. Rappaport’s voice however, is nothing like Redding or Waits (wonder if we could think of two more different voices than Redding and Waits, try it!). His tone is relaxed, clean yet breathy and beautifully intimate.

“It’s late on a Tuesday, but please don’t leave me ‘till the morning comes.” When morning or night, we will be leaving Sam Rappaport on repeat and you should too!

Best listened to while: Drinking coffee on a Sunday morning!

Listen for: 2:45, something about that long piano fill that just works! Why? Why is it so beautiful? It’s just a piano fill

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