Kieran x HTCHR, “Your Fight”

The Tonemamas love being confused. 
Well, we don’t love being confused by anything of a political nature (how does the electoral system actually even work?)
Nor by anything of a romantic nature,  (if he signs off with “xoxo” are we…official?)
We should clarify, we love being musically confused. 
When a song is just so weird and unusual that all we can do is sit back and let the music wash over us in all its complexities and perplexities. Today’s spectacular confusion is brilliantly executed by dynamic duo Kieran x HTCHR with their latest track, “Your Fight”.

Kieran x HTCHR

The choppy, metallic production topped with Kieran’s silky voice gives us the feeling of being in a confusing, albeit exhilarating dream. To say it’s intriguing is an understatement. There’s something industrial and fast-paced about the track – might this be a reflection of their own internalized city rhythms born from their London-based background?
Kieran sings with a tone that resembles a late 90’s/ early 2000s R&B voice ideal. It’s like Usher was abducted by aliens on his way home from the club, and now he’s back after learning their ways. 
….We do love a culture exchange (especially an extraterrestrial one).  

Best listened to while: Preparing for your own alien kidnap (2020 was a lot and we want a break from earth…)

Listen for: 0:57 that phrasing with those harmonies! What is that and why is it so hauntingly beautiful!?

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