Costa Gatis, “All of My Time”

In 1982 the Clash gave us an ultimatum that everyone is faced with at some point in a relationship: “Should I stay, or should I go?” 
Today’s artist Costa Gatis is choosing the latter in a minimalist, stripped down bass-heavy track, “All of My Time.”

“Love me/ Or Let me be” Costa Gatis sings at the opening of the song – he wastes no time and gets straight to the point. His directness is not random however, it seems it comes precisely from a history of having done the opposite. “All of my time I’ve given it up for you/ All of my friends, I’ve given them up for you/ What about me?” he sings in an effortlessly catchy chorus over that same hypnotic bass line.

Costa Gatis

What’s fascinating about the track is that you want it to get bigger, to get more dramatic, to get more heightened, but Costa Gatis avoids all spectacle and holds the tension perfectly.
“But what about smashing their car window with a baseball bat?!” the Tonemamas yell about their own timewasters, having recently watched Beyonce’s Lemonade.
Costa Gatis isn’t about smashing car windows. With an almost impossible steadiness he starts and finishes the song in the same pace, the same rhythm, resisting the urge to give us those car-window-smashing musical elements our drama-centered hearts are craving.

The Tonemamas sigh as the track comes to an end and put down our baseball bats.
Steady wins the race after all, and with this cool-and-contained track, Costa Gatis wins it all.

Best listened to while: Swapping your baseball bat for a box to quietly pack your things in (we don’t always have to be Beyonce…)

Listen for this moment: 02:45 the even-more stripped down chorus holding the space for ultimate tension (and never releasing it…damn Costa Gatis is good!)

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