Jordan Popky, “The Nest”

It seems to be a natural result of lockdown that all us socially-deprived people are craving some good old-fashioned comfort. 
Bring on the home-cooked meals, the hugs, the “I made banana bread and have some extra, can I drop off some for you?”. 
That intense comfort-craving so many of us are experiencing, Jordan Popky captures beautifully in her tribute to the homesick called “The Nest”. 

Jordan Popky

Singer/songwriter Jordan Popky grew up in her own nest within the Philadelphia area and when she was all grown up she flew to Brooklyn to do what people in Brooklyn do (wear three braids and underwear for a hat while text-complaining to a friend that someone on the subway smells like cheese. And pursue cool dreams of course). 
In her latest single “The Nest”, Jordan describes nostalgia in a dreamy soundscape built around electric and acoustic guitars, synths and vocal harmonies. There’s this one particularly deep synth that just lies in the bottom and adds a thick layer of depth that comes and goes like the dark and gentle waves of the ocean. Over this soaking wet instrumental, Jordan’s voice dances with a light tone that reminds us of elfs and forest-children with bare feet (…we watched Lord of the Ring last night.)

“I don’t think I can leave just now/ Maybe it’s just the weather”. Jordan keeps introducing emotions and blaming them on the weather – talk about relatability. How many times haven’t you blamed your blues on a rainy Monday (#Carpenters)! 
The Tonemamas are not psychologists and like every untrained non-professional we love dishing out unsolicited advice: It ain’t the weather, Jordan (and all who relate).  
Go home and treat yourself to a slice of comfort!

Best listened to: When you’re driving to wherever (or whoever) your deepest sense of home is. 

Listen for: 2:29 when the vocal comes back in after a little guitar break and then lets us have a vocal harmony right after. So pure, so real, so beeyooootifull!

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