Tim Atlas, “Peace at Last” (feat. Honeywhip)

Let’s go down a quick Greek mythology detour: remember the titan Atlas? 
Atlas was forced to hold the heavens on his shoulders for all eternity as a punishment by Zeus after fighting him (and losing). 
Today’s featured artist shares a name with this Greek god, but that seems to be where the similarities stop. Because while titan Atlas is being crushed under the weight of the world, Tim Atlas has liberated himself from the weight of the world in his carefree single, “Peace At Last”. 

Tim Atlas

The song is perfectly constructed – each part is distinguished, snappy and effortlessly catchy. He’s catering to our short attention span but not in a dumbed-down way – we’re still getting high quality music but wrapped up in a 2021-compatible package. The synth-layers, laid-back groove, playful metallic bass and the classic hipster-filter on the many voices are all working together in perfect harmony. It’s the kind of song to instantly pick you up out of your dreariness and launch you into sunniness, open-roof road trips, beachy hair and loose-fitting clothing – peace at last, indeed!

Winter is usually a time to listen to lyrics that grapple with searching for meaning (…do we all just live in a yellow submarine?). That’s why Tim Atlas’ lyrics feel so refreshing in a time where hope is sometimes hard to create. “Peace At Last” is about connection, celebration and that glorious thing we can spend an entire lifetime chasing…true and sustainable peace. 
Let’s leave our yellow submarines for a moment and share in the joy of this track (we can go back writing heartbreaking poetry by candlelight tomorrow…)

Best listened to: This goes with anything! Walking home in the snow with a broken heart? This will cheer you up! Dancing in the moonlight with your hands in the air like you just don’t care? Let Tim Atlas accompany you! 

Listen for: 0:19, if you’re not tapping your foot or bobbing your head to that pre-chorus then you’re the problem. 

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