Serin Oh, “mm+i”

The Tonemamas have always agreed that the best foods are invented when some brave soul dares to mix ingredients that have yet to be mixed. 
Thank you Mr Salty Caramel and may Gosh bless you Mrs Matcha ice cream. It’s safe to say, the same goes for music. Think about Rock and Roll! Some musical chef had to stir in a little country and little blues for his genre to come to a toasty success in the musical oven (food and music metaphors are our #JAM…see what we did there)
Today’s featured artist, Serin Oh has done just this and spoiler alert… the outcome is even better than Salty Caramel and Matcha combined.

serin oh

Celebrating third culture kids and all secret outkasts, “mm+i” is an anthem inspiring all of us identity-confused folk to take back our stories into our own hands. Serin Oh spent her first six years in South Korea before moving to Ohio and later even to Spain. It’s only natural that this geographical journey has influenced her musical palate: her latest track sounds like Billie Eilish produced a K-pop track for Tori Kelly.

“mm + i” was born from collaboration with film composer Luke Helder, whom Serin met when her geographical journey took her to Spain. The production and songwriting feel diverse, dynamic and distinct. Nothing about the song is predictable – unlike those voices in our head which seem stuck repeating the same unhelpful messages. The call to emancipate yourself from inner judgement is echoed in the sheer freedom and experimentalism in the music.
Serin Oh has never made true individualism taste so good – cast the pressures to conform aside and celebrate your uniqueness with this delicious song!

Best listened to while: While recycling all the outfits that school kids had bullied you for – retro denim is so back guys!

Listen for this moment: 01:25 that spectacular chromatic melody on the hook (she went to Berklee, we have to use words like “chromatic” ok #tonenerds)

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