Caro Miller, “Hypnotized”

That’s it Tonemiller! Enough sulking!
“But the pandem…”
No! We have decided that today you get to take a break from your existential crisis, 3PM sobbing sessions, weird dark thoughts and whatnots. 
Today we’re introducing an artist with sunshine in her step, Caro Miller and her fabulous new single, “Hypnotized”. 

Caro Miller

New Yorker Caro Miller is releasing one song each month in 2021, the first of the batch being today’s feature – and the title is an appropriate representation of its effect…musically hypnotic, indeed. 
You know the style –  it’s slick, it’s funky, it’s damn groovy.  It contains bass-fills that don’t care about common decency, a bunch of unison hits and catchy synth-horn-lines.
Somehow, while keeping the essence of this smooth gospel/funk genre, Caro Miller has managed to not overdo it, unlike others…. that’s right, we’re looking at you Dirty Loops! Caro is grooving, dancing, having fun, but also is just like, chilling
We’ll admit it, the Tonemamas wouldn’t mind some of your coolness Miss Caro, is there somewhere we can sign up for a class or something?

Her voice gives us similar vibes to Ariana Grande and Tori Kelly. It’s just so fresh, relaxed and flexible with some runs that makes us put one finger in the air and the other in the ear and pretend to be Mariah Carey. Oh yeah, did we mention she’s produced, written, recorded, mixed and mastered everything by herself? Write down the name, and look out for this one-woman’s band’s next 11 singles of 2021! 

Best listened to when: Dancing in your underwear in your messy apartment! 

Listen for: 0:38. “Oooo whatcha doin’ to me?” What are you doing to us Caro? Making us dance and forget our sorrows, that’s what!

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