Annika Rose, “just like you”

If you are a parent of a child or a child of a parent, it’s likely you’re familiar with the word “conflict”.
It’s also likely that you’re well-versed with the sounds of slamming doors, feeling misunderstood, hearing utterances like: “I hate you” or “I know what’s best for you!”, etc. W.E.B Du Bois said it best when describing how children are influenced by their parents: “Children learn more from what you are than what you teach them.”
At the remarkable age of 15, following an argument with her mother, Annika Rose captured this essence in a simple yet unbelievably powerful piano ballad, “just like you”.

Annika Rose

Since the song was originally posted on Instagram it went viral, reflecting the intensely personal dynamics so many parents and children experience in their relationship. Despite her young age, Annika Rose has an intuitive tone in her lyrics with lines like:

“Because I learnt it from the best/ Lashing out when I’m a mess”
I don’t mean to be so cruel/ But I hate the part of me that’s just like you”

It’s painfully honest – often that which triggers us in another person is that which exists within ourselves. How much more true is this for a parent/child relationship then? Sung with Annika Rose’s vulnerable, pure tone over simple-but-interesting harmonies it’s impossible to feel your conflict-hardened heart move a little whether you’re the misunderstood teenager or the well-intentioned parent (you’re both worthy #tonefamily)

Now 18-years old and living in LA, Annika Rose is continuing to “put my journal entries to melody” – this budding songstress and lyricist is one to watch out for in 2021!

Best listened to while: While going through old family photos on a Sunday eve (beware, you are going to trigger yourself)

Listen for this moment: 00:37 that spectacular chorus melody which breaks and heals a heart at the same time

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