Foxtails Brigade, “Gimme A Sign”

Do we have any astrology fans here? Anyone who’s frantically checking their Co-Star app to figure out what kind of day they’re going to have based on what’s happening to the moon?
We get it – we’re looking for a sign. So is Foxtails Brigade, and their new single “Gimme a Sign”, is the perfect song to find solidarity in our search for the answers around us. 

Foxtails Brigade

Foxtails Brigade’s lead singer is the daughter of a horror-film maker and sister of a cult-comedian – she grew up in a neighborhood of celebrities, circus contortionists (?) accompanied by an emus and fang-toothed monkeys for pets.
…that’s quite an upbringing.
Her blend of individual eccentricity and vulnerability in this latest single is fantastic.
“Gimme a sign/ Something I could recognize, a clue/ Something to hold on to” 
While playing awesome 2010’s style indie-rock, their lyrics cover a message every heart on the planet has experienced at least once: being broken.
“I’ll believe in every lie/ tell me it was all true”.

In the misty jungle of heavy beats, loops and samples (don’t worry we still love you #bedroomproducers), it is such a breath of fresh air to hear a well-considered band arrangement, and yes, what a bonus that it features so much guitar. The Tonemamas predicted it six months ago: guitars are officially back in style! The tidy production is highly riff-driven – be it guitar or synth, every line seems deeply considered and carefully placed where it belongs. The same thoughtfulness goes for the songwriting. Every part of the song has a distinct and catchy melody with a momentum that lasts the entire song.
Right, we’re off to buy an emu or two because we also want a slice of that eccentric-childhood-turned-eccentric-songwriting!

Best listened to: Definitely one for the road-trip list, but could also work when you’re drinking spritzers on a rooftop somewhere!

Listen for: 0:42, it’s just so satisfying when you realize how catchy this chorus is going to be!

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