Stelle Amor, Problem Child

Silky gloves, midnight gowns, long cigarette holders, feathers, smoke and mirrors… These are a few of our faaavorite things. 
And it’s a place full of our faaavorite things that today’s featured artist Stelle Amor transports us to in her latest single “Problem Child”. 

Stelle Amor

Nashville-based singer Stelle Amor gained thousands of fans as a contestant in the music reality show: The Four. Missed this? Don’t worry! Crossing off not one but two talent shows off her list, the singer later brought her signature raspy voice to this season’s American Idol. Stelle Amor is not wasting time, guys. 

Produced by Ian Barter, the arrangement feels like an homage to Amy Winehouse with sparse, dry verses built around dry hits and a sassy guitar-sound that sounds like something Quentin Tarantino would fall in love with. In the chorus the production opens up; the static becomes fluency and an angel choir with attitude blesses us with choral magic. 
All the while this is happening, there is a constant simple groove that makes the Tonemamas take big steps from left to right clapping twice going right, and once going left – do you see the picture Tonemillers? Are you with us in our choreography? No? Leave us your email and we’ll just send you a video.

Listen for: 0:53 “Haaaaa-aaaaa” the back-up angels sing in-between puffing a cigarette in perfect harmony ah glorious! 

Best listened to while: Wearing an evening gown and silky gloves sipping the finest champagne from a floater in one hand and holding a long cigarette holder in the other. What? You don’t do this every Tuesday? Well then the Tonemamas simply can’t relate to you scum. 

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