Johnnie Lee, “Happy”

Our Tonemillers are only too familiar with the hardships of the music industry. Often the subtext of the conversation is, “when x, y and z happen, I can finally start living”. We’re all waiting for that delightful moment in the future where  we will magically wake up feeling happy. But today’s featured artist Johnnie Lee isn’t about that delayed style of living. In his latest track “Happy”, he reminds us about the often forgotten nature of true happiness – it can only come from within.

Johnnie Lee

Texas-native Johnnie Lee is giving us sunshine and hope with glorious lyrics such as:
“To be happy is to feel peace, to share more love and give with glee / It’s more than taking trips just to say that you’ve been there, more than work your life away to be a billionaire.”
The artist convinces us that money indeed can’t buy you love and smiling to the world might actually mirror some smiles back. He delivers this message with a beautiful breathy voice, unique timbre and effortless phrasings.

Maybe it’s the afro-latin percussion, the wonderful virtuous guitar-arrangements or the sweet vocal harmonies, but this song…well, it just works! It’s making even the grumpiest Tonemama happy and toss any silly little demons out of the ‘Mill! 
Brighten up someone’s day and share this tune with them! 

Listen for: 0:02 That TONE! When he says “I hope you’re happy”, you feel like he’s talking directly to you. You’ll be like, “I am now, Johnnie, I am now.” And then someone else will say, “Shut up, we’re trying to listen.”

Best listen to while: While cooking some extra delicious food on a grey Monday – happiness is not reserved only for summery days of freedom! 

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