Alonzo, “Respect”

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T – find out what it means to me,” Aretha Franklin sang in 1967 cementing an education in spelling no school could ever hope to compete with. 
More than half a century later, Alonzo is churning out a new anthem that in his words,
”does not beg for, but affirms African American worth and the respect that is deserved” in his latest single, “Respect”.


This LA-based rock, pop-soul artist has a vocal tone that is so distinctive it makes the Tonemamas lean forward in our rocking chairs and turn up the volume. Calling upon Prince-like timbres there is an effortless personality and charisma to every word he sings that simply demands our (and your) attention. As one can maybe hear, Alonzo is no newbie, nor is he a stranger to the spotlight: he was a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent as well as back-up singer to the Queen of All Things Belted, Miss Christina Aguilera (she is beautiful, no matter what you saa-aaa-aaay). 

“Respect” is a splendid neo-soul poppy tune with the most captivating hook where Alonzo blesses us with his fantastic falsetto tones over a production that just keeps on serving us good ideas. Like that sparse funk-guitar, or the little drops of processed vocal “ohs!” in the back, or what about that BASSSSS in the chorus? Like, is that even legal? We’re all about it either way. Not to mention that spectacular belting towards the end of the track! We dare you not to have a ‘stank-face’ over the glorious build up with a distant horn arrangement and Alonzo’s vocal magic! It’s funk on top of more funk and we have nothing but respect for this artist and his latest single!

Best listened to while: While strutting with utmost confidence down a snowy street (…because if you have confidence while walking through the snow, you’ve made it.)

Listen for: 0:57, that chorus is such a delightful element of surprise – that dissension! Those strings! Yep you come for Alonzo’s unique voice, and you stay for this!

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