NAYTiiVE, “Redlight”

You know when you’re driving (or walking or biking or skating or rollerblading or whatever you hippies are up to…) and you’re just hitting that green wave? Green lights all the way baby! Doesn’t it make you feel invincible? Like the world is your oyster and you’re just passing through smooth as melted butter? 
Today’s featured artist NAYTiiVE seems to know what we’re talking about in his latest single “Redlight”. 


Based in north-London, pop/funk artist NAYTiiVE is giving us that positive energy we’ve all been longing for the past ye-… well we’re not quite ready to use the word year yet, so let’s just say time-period. He describes his latest single as something he wants people to bop their heads to during these hard times and the Tonemamas are bopping our heads like never before (#neckpain). 
In an impressive voice that sounds like Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake’s love child, the artist sings: “Now all the haters and fakers, they’re just fanboys pretending,”…can we get a HECK YES, this is exactly the kind of attitude we all need right now, people (here’s looking at your Tonehaters!) 

We mentioned the words Funk and Bruno Mars, and though the upper layers of this song definitely belong to that world, there is something more laidback and relaxed in the lower layers. The tempo, groove and keyboard arrangement give us vibes of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” or in other words: your favorite songs from your road trip playlist. 
NAYTiiVE is putting us in a car where we’re just cruising on a green wave keeping our faces turned to all things good and groovy!

Listen for: 0:45 isn’t it so satisfying how they settle into that chorus? 

Best listened to: Wearing your most bedazzled outfit and allowing yourself to feel like Gosh’ gift to earthkind!

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