Vishaal Ganesh, “Wall of Memories”

Children really do say the darndest things.
But not only do they say the darndest things, but they also think of the darndest things. Their minds are filled with questions, wonders and observations that usually stump any adult brain. Three-year-old Fenn Rosenthal recently reminded the world how glorious their little creative minds are with her heartbreakingly adorable song, “Dinosaurs in Love.”
Today’s featured artist Dubai-based Vishaal Ganesh travels back in time to express the simplicities of life before growing old in his unusual song, “Wall of Memories”.

Vishaal Ganesh

Ganesh’s vocals have the same breathy, boy-band tone as Owl City’s Adam Young but as a refreshing change, they’re not accompanying some been-there-done-that boy band arrangement. 
Instead, he cooks up the most magical production that creates a dreamy soundscape of swirling bells, animated and metallic tones that sounds like they’re samples from Vishaal’s old toy box. 

The production drops as he sings the punchline at the end of the chorus: “Mama, can’t stop growing old.” It’s a line that threatens to rattle the heart of anyone feeling emotionally vulnerable (which is about 99% of the world’s population currently).
But Ganesh doesn’t wallow – he keeps the energy and momentum throughout the deeply emotional lyrical content. It’s a striking balance, and one that is rarely achieved by artists tackling this type of subject matter.
Humbly describing himself as an “under-construction” artist, the Tonemamas have long learnt that these are the most interesting to follow, so do the things and check him out!

Best listened to while: Going through your old toys and wondering why you gave all the barbies such horrifying haircuts (because children are creative geniuses, and you were ahead of your time…)

Listen for this moment: 01:08 listen to that musical palette – what a buffet of spectacular sounds!

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