Flowery Beard, “Loverdose”

Although Les Mamas Des Tones don’t speak le française, we can appreciate le romantisme in la langue (also turns out English has a lot of French borrowed words which is très pratique). But enough showing off our multiculturalism.
Flowery Beard is today’s artist who was born in Haiti, moved to France as a child and is currently living in London. And it is from London that he is creating melodic magic such as today’s feature – a redefining of love in his French jazz, soul, hip-hop single, “Loverdose”.

Flowery Beard

Over his French articulation that sounds like smooth caresses to the ears, he describes an intoxicating dream where butterflies and flowers are courting each other with no fear to reveal their love. He’s calling for us to do the same – to drop the beliefs of love as forced or fearful and rather embrace a love that is healing, honest and pure.

Flowery Beard is delivering this soulful message over a soulful hip-hop-jazzy accompaniment that reminds us of Robert Glasper’s “Black Radio” albums from 2012 and 2013. That piano sound over that tight bass-pattern is like a croissant to our lips, and create a perfect foundation for Flowery Beard to thrive. 
After listening to those softly rolled r’s over the light jazz harmonies, we’ll be answering his call of making love not war with a resounding OUI. (The French are so persuasive…)

Best listened to while: googling pictures of the Eiffel tower and planning your honeymoon (who said you need a partner to go on a honeymoon? Self love is the new marriage.)

Listen for this moment: 00:40 – that fantastic hook that is singable whether you can softly roll your r’s or not

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