Kiri T, “10,000ft.”

If you’ve been scrolling on Instagram for the last hour you might need this little reminder: you are worthy of love. 
There’s nothing like bombarding yourself with lives that appear infinitely better, cooler and less pixelated than yours to make you feel a little…unworthy. But we won’t be your only reminder today, Kiri T’s latest single “10,000ft.” is the perfect track to remind you that feeling worthy in a relationship is actually a reasonable request!

Kiri T

Growing up between Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States we imagine Kiri T has spent a lot of time 10,000ft. above ground, commuting between one home and another. And maybe it is because of this wide geographic frame of references that  we hear such a wide frame of musical references in her. Building off 90’s R&B, she has those snappy Drake/Ariana Grande- vocal-phrasings we all know and love, but in an indie-pop setting.  
Kiri T’s fresh, crystal clear vocals sing: “I’m sorry I make it so hard to love me”, well Kiri, you make it very easy for the Tonemamas to love you because you are the whole package, baby! 

Best listened to:
When you notice you’re in a destructive mood, ready to sabotage your relationships and you need someone to root for you… put on this song to root for Kiri T, and in no time you’ll be rooting for yourself! 

Listen for: 2:06, one of many spots with seriously solid vocal harmonies!

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