Yoji, “Tears On My Piano”

Sometimes we imagine the Tonemillers trotting around in your respectable isolations over this past year. Some are wearing the same sweatpants for the 73rd day in a row while trying to write a record while making beats. Others are sitting in your closets writing lyrics manically (why are you guys so weird!). Some are trying to have band practice over Zoom,  some aren’t thinking of music at all, and some of you are straight up crying on your piano. Today’s featured artist Yoji falls e in the latter category with her latest track, “Tears on My Piano”.


England – based artist Yoji is taking us back to basics today in her latest single. Instead of getting lost in a web of production ideas, she’s simply playing piano and singing. In the gospel-inspired piano ballad she sings about loneliness and disappointment, but eventually the message is one of hope: “We gotta make our own sunshine/ We gotta dance in the rain to heal the pain.”

And that’s just the lyrics, her voice is therapeutic on its own – an evocative vibrato, a tone that hits you in the weak spot of the armor, it seems she has such control over her voice it’ll literally go wherever she commands. Now that’s artistry.  

Best listened to when:  Taking a break from whatever you’ve been doing in isolation – be it setting the record for wearing the same pair of sweatpants the longest, or no pants at all – let this song comfort you! 

Listen for: 2:50, the way she gives us those riffs like it’s nothing! 

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