Nia J, Hazy

You can say alot about this world we live in, but it does contain one concept that is the epitome of bliss. This concept provokes feelings of freedom, joy and confidence. The Tonemamas believe it was first made famous in a documentary from the 70’s; Grease (is the word is the word is the word). We’re talking of course about Summer Lovin’!!! Remember that feeling, Tonemillers? When you’re falling so madly in love you’re afraid of it.! Add some bikes, sunshine and secret skinny-dipping sessions and you’ve got the whole vibe today’s artist Nia J is describing in her latest single “Hazy”.

Nia J

North-Carolina-based, college student Nina J says she is “determined to have it all,” and  from what we hear in her latest single “Hazy”, the Tonemamas are determined she will as well – because what a discovery! Nia lists Daniel Caesar, H.E.R. and Jhene Aiko as some of her influences. And in a way you can (and we will) describe her as a lighter version of these artists. Her instrumental is less dense, there’s more air and playfulness in her productions. It’s fresh and young, but with the sort of  heavy “neo-R&B” as a foundation. 

With a breathy, easy-breezin’ voice Nia J talks about falling in love and the pure joy, horror and hesitation that is right before “going all in” with somebody.
“The feeling is hazy, but don’t it feel good?”
Yes Nia, this feels great and how do we put this to you in a non-creepy way? The Tonemamas have fallen for you!

Best listened to:
While swiping on Tinder, finding your 2021 Summer Lovin’! 

Listen for: 0:27. Them vocal harmonies… Yum!

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