Ashleigh Bankx, “Angel”

According to various sources back in the biblical days, God allegedly had a good angel friend named Lucifer. Lucifer was no ordinary angel – slowly but surely he became so engulfed in his own appearance, position and power that he developed a new feeling unknown to angels: desire. He desired the honor and glory that was exclusively reserved for God. Well, God didn’t like that and so promptly threw Lucifer out of heaven where the fallen angel became a celebrity known as Satan. Why are the Tonemamas rambling on about this, you ask? Today’s artist Ashleigh Bankx is describing an angel of temptation in her latest single “Angel”, and well, it just made us think of this…

Zimbabwe-born, London-raised, Law-degree holding (just had to throw that in there) artist Ashleigh Bankx is blessing us with her out-of-this world vocal cords in her debut single “Angel”. 
The instrumental has perfected that laid-back-yet-super-groovy vibe we all know and love from the soul/R&B world. It’s tidy, to the point and gives room for the main character of the show: Ashleigh’s voice. Because wow, the Tonemamas had no idea it was possible to have this combination of unique tone, maxed out technical abilities, attitude, great timing and interesting phrasings. Is that even legal? Wait, and she has a law-degree? Well hopefully she’s not…*googles picture of her*, nope she’s also stunning! And before you over-woke people wake up from your slumber, we also comment on men’s looks so…

In “Angel” Ashleigh describes what sounds like a toxic relationship where the narrator falls for the temptation over and over again; “How could something so wrong feel so right?” The Tonemamas congratulate Ashleigh on such a banger debut and will wait in anticipation for the follow-up. 

Listen for: 1:52, that tone! And notice how she exits her phrases in different ways – it’s those subtle details that makes the Tonemamas want to praise this amazing singer! 

Best listened to when: Cruising around on a summer-day (almost there peeps!!) wearing your favorite shades and feeling yourself!

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