Alex Runo, “Devil”

There’s nothing like the epic clash between divine and destructive forces battling for our very souls.
Whether played out in literary classics, binge-worthy Netflix specials or the angel and devil persuading you to listen on either side of your shoulders – the constant struggle between good and evil is real. 
But damn it feels good to defeat the devil sometimes, and today’s featured artist Alex Runo sings about precisely that in his latest impressive single, “Devil”.

The track opens with deeply soulful humming over which Runo’s voice eventually starts singing.
“Devil, do the best you can,” he articulates with a vocal tone so heavenly, hell simply doesn’t stand a chance in this narrative. With a rich bluesy musical texture cloaked in a modern, 2021-esque production Runo is painting with every color of the musical rainbow. The result is astonishing – a rousing anthem of persistence performed over spectacular harmonies, inspiring vocals and an exciting yet unpredictable song structure.

Devil, do the best you can, but you might want to know…Alex Runo has already won this battle.

Best listened to while: doing whatever you thought was previously impossible – hiking Everest, memorizing all the capitals or stuffing fifty hot dogs in your mouth in under 5 minutes, this song is your permission slip to conquer it all!

Listen for this moment: 00:00 – that humming in the beginning is unbeatable, the song simply can’t go wrong with such a start!

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