Baby FuzZ, “I’m Trying My Freakin Best”

We don’t want to expose anyone but…how far did you guys get with your New Years’ Resolutions this year? Have you gone to the gym twelve times a week? Have you woken up daily at 5AM to start your day with meditation? Is your house an alcohol/drug/sugar/caffeine/carb-free sanctuary yet?
“Tonemamas, back off!” we hear you defensively yelling at us as you try and hide the danish pastries behind your back.
No, no, Tonemillers – we are not here to expose anyone. We come in solidarity with a brand-new song of Baby FuzZ named (say it with us now), “I’m Trying My Freakin Best”.

With a varied musical arrangement including beautiful classic piano riffs and heart-wrenching soaring electric guitars, Baby FuzZ is drawing upon the best of theatrics in pop music (giving us major Queen vibes). His voice ranges from intimately vulnerable as he sings transparent lyrics like “I’m trying to be a little less tragic, for the first time in my life I’m trying to find magic”. Yet as the song rushes to a powerful climax, Baby FuzZ shows his immense belting capacities on that ridiculously powerful hook line, “I’m trying my freakin best”. It doesn’t cease to give us chills every time the line is uttered at the end of a gorgeously crafted poetic verse.

“I’m trying to be someone who tries to behave/ I’m trying to unlock all the bolts on my cage,” – every time you feel the pressures mounting within your own proverbial cage (#lockdown #alwaysrelevant), crank up the volume to this track and sing it with us and Baby FuzZ so that your neighbors across the street can hear it too:

Best listened to while: deleting an email from your gym asking why you haven’t shown up for the last twenty-three weeks…sing it with us now, “I’m trying my freakin best!”

Listen for this moment: 02:03 when Baby FuzZ calls upon the spirits of Freddie Mercury and delivers such a powerful belting line that we are shook, shaken, shaketh

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