CAROLINE, “Why Can’t You Be Mine???”

As much as we like to think of ourselves as down with the cool kids, the Tonemamas have to admit we don’t totally understand today’s teen culture. Somewhere between MySpace and TikTok we simply fell between the cracks and never re-emerged. However a catchy tune is something we do understand, and today’s Gen Z generation artist is giving all of that and more in her latest single, “Why Can’t You be Mine???”. 

LA-based pop princess CAROLINE is a breath of fresh air in a sea of sad indie-music and low-fi bedroom producers updating us on their latest existential crisis in a breathy monotonous voice. (No, millennial-hipsters, don’t go! We’re your biggest fans, that’s why we can make fun!) CAROLINE’s latest single is undeniably catchy, energizing and fun (why is everything we’re saying suddenly sounding so old??? The song is energizing and fun…#tonemamasreachingmidlifecrisis). 

CAROLINE’s striking voice performs the relatable lyrics over a latiny groove and a production that has solidified a few simple, yet great ideas that compliments her fresh sound perfectly.
The artist has her own very devoted fan club “CAROLINE Army”, and we here to report for fan duty!

Best listened to when: Choreographing a dance with your friends, using a hairbrush as a microphone (don’t close the curtains, let your neighbors be humbled by your dance magic)

Listen for: 0:28, but be careful – you’ll be singing that chorus all week.

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