Caiine, “Conscience”

Consciousness remains a part of the human existence that can still totally bewilder any neuroscientist. 
There is so much to say about it, and yet no one knows what it actually is. Somewhere in that consciousness we have a conscience – our innate sense of right and wrong. The tragic tale of human history seems to have one common denominator – what happens when we close off our conscience. Following the 2019 general UK election, today’s featured artist Caiine decided to speak to this common denominator in her foreboding yet discerning track, “Conscience”.

Caiine’s voice is one you cannot ignore – cloaked with an unfathomable and rich depth, she sings with a sense of urgency mixed with composure allowing lyrics like, “Turn in on yourself and you’ve given us all up,” to land with a certain power.
The melody is almost monotonous which over a driving and incessant alternative indie/ R&B production serves to continue that spirit of warning. Yet there is no sense of fear mongering, only a touch of grief when she sings, “Always moving forward, but not always moving up.”
Caiine is our modern-day Tracy Chapman or Nina Simone – taking the shadows of human nature and conveying them in such a striking manner, we simply cannot turn a blind eye.

Best listened to while: being undistracted…there are some poetic gems you don’t want to miss in this song

Listen for this moment: 00:54 when the beat picks up and we get to hear the upper register of Caiine’s forever fascinating vocal tone!

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