10:32, “Meet Me”

Shout-out to all the singletons out there trying to keep romance a thing during lockdown – the exhaustion of starting new conversations on dating apps, being ghosted, awkward first video dates…Some might just give up entirely and take a vow of chastity as they turn their apartment into a monastery. And yet, it seems that sometimes when you stop looking, you see what’s already in front of you and sometimes it’s quite…attractive…but you never noticed…? Singing about this kind of love is today’s featured, the band 10:32 with a splendid new single, “Meet Me”.

The lyrical content is sparse but beautifully poetic – like our friend James Blake, the track takes a single lyric and builds a meditative, dream-like world around it. “Love came and met me on the side of the road, when I tried to ask for the way.” You know when you ask someone where the nearest subway station is and then they remove their sunglasses to tell you and suddenly you’re like…oh damn, I just met my soulmate (us neither but we’re very hopeful it will happen soon).

The band is made up of London-based Bridget Walsh (vocals, a glorious Dido-esque tone), Lyle Barton (keys), Radovan Brtko (drums), Digby Lovatt (bass) and Benedict Wood (guitar). Hackney-based produced Lewis Moody tops of the brilliant musicianship with a soul-pop, smooth and eerily haunting production. As team efforts go, this is the A team right here and we certainly feel like we’ve stumbled into love by discovering this little gem.

Best listened to while: deleting all the dating apps and deciding to trust in the universe (at least the universe won’t send you duck pucs….)

Listen for this moment: the synth solo around 4:00 is everything!

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