Tanisha la Madrina, “Like My Baby”

Spring is here, friends! 
It’s time for everyone to wake up from hibernation – get some vitamin D and transform back into that sexy, likable, bubbly person you vaguely remember from last summer. To help you along, we have Tanisha La Madrina and her latest single “Like My Baby”.

Tanisha la Madrina

Canadian R&B artist Tanisha La Madrina is offering us something very rare:  a love song without conflict. Her latest single “Like My Baby” is a pure homage to whoever (or whatever – we don’t judge) her “baby” is. It’s a song of happiness and gratitude, and yes we admit that even one or two sarcastic Tonemamas couldn’t hold back a smile when listening to this.

Tanisha’s voice is light and flexible with a subtle R&B-tone that reminds us of the most underrated singer in modern times – Michelle Williams. (The third Destiny’s Child…Shame on you for not remembering her name.) The production starts out sparse and to the point, letting Tanisha shine freely over the classic R&B comp. When the song moves from verse to chorus, there is a change of groove that well.. It just hits the spot! You go from bopping your head to actually start dancing a “I’m-coming-out-of-hibernation” dance.
“Everybody needs a little something like my baby.” It seems that might actually be the case, and our baby today is this new track!

Best listened to while: you’re finding your back to your happy, carefree summer self who wears colorful clothing and says things like “no worries, it’s chilled!”

Listen for: 0:44, it’s the groove-change for us. 

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