What does love feel like?
It can feel like biting into a freshly baked brownie, it can feel like dancing in circles under pulsing neon lights until you’re dizzy, or it can feel like being launched into space with first-class tickets on a rocket ship. Singing about that rocket-type of love is today’s featured artist ÉVEIL with his latest single, “ROCKET”.

Although the Tonemamas are all about the new 2021 musical landscape with all the TikTok danceable, bedroom makeable music, we will always hold a special place in our hearts for the 90’s kids. Growing up with a top-notch education in catchy melodies with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Destiny’s Child and our best bitch Britney, our 90’s kids just bring something to the table that the later generation doesn’t have (but then again they get 3 billion views for fun YouTube videos so there’s no one better or worse because we’re all #special). ÉVEIL’s track is a perfect combination of 90’s references brought into a 2021 context – his voice is like smooth silk on bare skin, and those falsetto tones #falsettofabulous!

Singing that catchy hook line “I’m giving you first class tickets, taking off any minute”, over a groove so groovylicious it will make anyone bust a move, we are sold. We can almost see the dizzying display of stars as we rush through the universe with ÉVEIL’s brilliant expression of that initial excitement of love over classic 808 beats, and tight harmonies.

Make space for us on the rocket ship ÉVEIL, we’re coming with you on this journey!

Best listened to while: while skipping down the street with a silly smile on your face because your crush just texted you a heart #milleniallove

Listen for this moment: That electric guitar solo at 2:03 is spectacular!

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