Union of Knives, “Like Butterflies”

There seems to be a deep urge in us humans to want to “break free”. It’s been sung about by Queen, Troy and Gabriella in High School Musical, and even us Tonemamas have penned a lyric or two about this very concept. 
As a child, did you not daydream of flying high like Peter Pan, jumping from cotton-candy cloud to cotton-candy cloud? The wish for complete and utter freedom seems ingrained in us. Today’s band Union of Knives is describing this sensation in their latest single “Like Butterflies” and we are indulging in our freedom wishes all over again. 

Union of Knives

The Scottish band is made up of Chris Gordon, Ant Thomaz and Peter Kelly. Fifteen years after their debut, they are finally releasing the follow-up with “Like Butterflies”. 
The production has a somber, metallic sound. Each element is highly processed, which results in a sense of distance. Yet, what Union of Knives are playing is surprisingly groovy – with unison hits and vocal-lines, the band pulls elements from the funk genre when you least expect it. If Massive Attack experienced happiness for the first time, it would sound like this.

The vocals are a whole chapter to themselves: Bowie-like vibrato in the verses, a breathy silky sound in the choruses and a distinct and clear “Ba-dah!” as memorable riffs in the interludes. After listening to this track you’ll be longing to escape your own COVID-esque cocoon and emerge as the beautiful post-pandemic butterflies we will soon become!

Best listened to while: Disturbing your neighbors with shattering volumes, dancing around in your underwear and sunglasses, singing along and air-playing all the parts. 

Listen for: 1:08, the interlude has that perfect combination of electro-rock and grooviness that makes this band so special!

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