Kid Travis, “Won’t Let Me Go”

Eeeeeveryone knows that a break-up is a competition. 
A competition of caring the least, of moving on the most, of being the bigger person with the smallest issues. Oh, hold up – did we say being? We meant, seeming like (duh!)
Why the human brain is wired in such a messed up way, we cannot answer for. The Tonemamas are only here to state subjective facts and so is today’s featured artist Kid Travis with his latest single “Won’t Let Me Go”. 

Kid Travis

With an impressive productivity, Kid Travis is releasing his 5th single in 2021 alone (!!!). And yes, let’s take a moment to actually bask in Kid’s productivity, because we went on his Spotify-page to count how many releases he had last year. Turns out that in the cursed year of 2020 it was somewhere between 50 and 60!!! That’s more than one single a week!
“Won’t Let Me Go” is an easy-listening indie-R&B tune about not being able to move on from a relationship. The Tonemamas can’t get over this production – it’s crazy what a simple xylophone-sounding riff and some 2005-sounding guitar plucking can do over a minimalistic bass-line and a groove in the perfect road-trip tempo. Oh yeah, and then there’s Kid’s voice – breathy with a distinct core… it does the trick and then some. 

The artist is telling the story from the perspective of entering the relationship as the “underdog” and leaving having the “upper hand” (our rhetoric is poisonous, but so are relationships – stay away from them kids!!!).
“They said you were too good for me,” Kid Travis sings with a tone and a musical landscape that encapsulates a confident wink. Yes yes, Kid is also saying he can’t move on either, but the “You won’t let me go” followed by the celebratory “oh oh oh ooooh!” tells us otherwise. Go live your best life Kid!!! Plenty of fish in the sea.

Best listened to: Moonwalking out of a relationship with someone who allegedly was “out of your league” like the Tonemamas just did with Robert Pattinson… like get over yourself, vampire.  

Listen for: 0:43 “You should’ve never let me in, baby that was your fault” sung in a chill, hard-to-get-I-don’t-care kind of voice. We will impatiently be anticipating the follow up: “Ah, look who’s coming crawling back…”

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