DADDY NAT (Featuring Abhi the Nomad), “Elders”

What does it mean to get older?
The appearance of a wrinkle or two appearing on previously smooth skin, hearing about TikTok celebrities and muttering, “kids these days…” under your breath, suddenly becoming aware of your impending mortality…sounds fun, doesn’t it?
Aging is complex and confusing and scary, but we can’t avoid it – singing about their take on this topic is DADDY NAT (featuring Abhi the Nomad) on their latest single, “Elders”.


“Well, my daddy told me we all die when we get older/ I guess that’s awfully sad, at least it’s true” starts the opening hook of this unusually captivating and musically diverse track. Combining hip-hop beats, acoustic guitar strumming, hymn-like harmonies, rapping and epic electric guitar lines, eclectic doesn’t quite cover this listening experience. The Texas-based artist seems to be talking about two different deaths – physical and mentally/spiritually. Physically our bodies apparently start dying around thirties (#veryfunfacts), but what happens mentally/spiritually? Do our worlds become smaller, our taste for new experiences diminishing, our routines more inflexible? And is it possible to pull a Benjamin Button and despite our physical decline, actually grow mentally/ spiritually and do the opposite of dying – keep being reborn again and again….? #tonemamaphilosophy

Whatever the answer may be, DADDY NAT and Abhi the Nomad are asking the right questions for all us millennials as we slowly say goodbye to our twenties and decide how we want to age. The Tonemamas are choosing eternal youth, how about you?

Best listened to while: wondering why you’ve started dinner at 5:30PM and when that happened…? But you also kinda like it….? For the digestion and all that…?

Listen for this moment:  00:55, when the beat drops and changes up the whole feeling in a most welcomed way

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