Nana M. Rose,” Sweet Honey”

Tonemillers, we have a treat sweet as honey for you today! Rotterdam-based Nana M. Rose is giving us a track rich with musical diversity, gorgeous vocal tones and evocative lyrics in her latest single, “Sweet Honey”.

With cinematic arrangements, Eastern-like string melodies and her calm vocal tone, it truly is a full listening experience. Expressing the feeling of ‘being in love’, this dreamy indie-pop track sure is reminding us of those initial butterflies that begin fluttering their wings when you lock eyes with a certain dreamy stranger on the bus (…also you can only see their eyes because of #masklife).

Nana M. Rose’s voice is much like the title of her track – sweet, honey-like, full of exquisite warm timbres. She sings with a contained tone which makes it all feel even more realistic. You know, when you’re describing a crush, but you don’t want to appear too excited, so you say things like, “it’s super chilled, I’m kinda into them, I mean, whatever” – but your eyes are so wide that they’re about to pop out and roll down your flushed cheeks? Nana. M Rose gets it, and we get her…listen to this track, and you’ll get it to.

Best listened to while: While enjoying the beginnings of spring and imagining all the summer-in-love stories that lie in your future

Listen for this moment: 02:20 the break before that epic ‘drop’.

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