Sara Phillips, “nobody loves you”

There’s a line from Lin Manuel Miranda’s mega-successful musical Hamilton that’s always stuck out to the Tonemamas: “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?” This perfect story that we try and tell about our lives while we’re on this earth…and yet what happens to that story once you kick the ole death bucket? Philosophizing in a similar vein on what happens when we die is LA-based Sara Phillips with her latest single, “nobody loves you”.

The independent pop/soul singer-songwriter’s hook is a line that hits rather hard – “nobody loves you ‘till you’re gone.” We think about all the inactive or forgotten artists who get a huge spike in sales post-mortem. All of a sudden your social media feed is overflowing with your old friends from highschool that swear they never listened to anyone but this said artist #rip #gonetoosoon…Really, Johnny-Bob?

Phillips sings with a sultry, silk-like voice over a smooth production that makes ample space for us to focus on this tricky subject she’s communicating to us effortlessly. “The hills have eyes and they tell me things I don’t like” – her lyrics are vivid, haunting and lingering just like the overall feel of the song.

This is an artist you don’t want to miss out on – come join the Tonemamas and become obsessed with our new favorite!

Best listened to while: Driving at night through the empty streets…we don’t know why, but just it and it will make sense

Listen for this moment: 00:30 that unbelievably catchy hook

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