The Rabbitts, “I’m Alive”

The Tonemamas have always had a strict rule about never mixing business with pleasure. Hence, whenever a Tonedaddy tries to write about a new band he’s heard or share some music business advice, we throw him out of the ‘Mill instantly! Not everyone can be as harmonic in their romance as today’s duo “The Rabbitts” – a couple in love.

The Rabbitt

Written in their van while traveling the UK and Ireland, the duo’s latest single “I’m Alive” is a breath of fresh air and takes us back to a time where traveling was, well… legal. And gosh, we miss it! Using a stream-of-consciousness type of lyric, the band is describing scenes of beautiful summer days in the past while feeling alive in the presence. 
The production is highly string-driven with guitars, a mandolin and bass-guitar – all arranged to make each element pop. The couple’s voices blend perfectly together in a breathy indie-pop sound – all recorded in their bedroom! Ah… we our bedroom producers.

What stands out about this composition is the melodic embellishments that seems to fall very naturally for the female singer.  They’re also reflected in the mandolin – it’s an interesting and beautiful detail that doesn’t feel too familiar in Western indie-pop music, yet compliments it perfectly!
And mixing genres is definitely #couplegoals!

Best listened to:
While daydreaming of TRAVELING again! 

Listen for: 0:49 – such a beautiful vocal landscape.

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