Paul Weinfield, “January Sun”

“New Year, New Tonemama” are words we utter every time Earth has taken yet another inevitable trip around the Sun. 
Every year we make unrealistic goals: “by April we’re gonna look like seventeen-year old Instagram models”…But every year we are disappointed and surprised when it’s just the same old Tonemamas looking sceptically back at us in the mirror. Yet, change and growth is constantly happening in more subtle ways and today’s artist Paul Weinfield talks about just this in his latest single “January Sun”. 

Paul Weinfield

Paul Weinfield’s song “January song” is a catchy, folky country-pop tune. The artist definitely draws on classic songwriter legends like Crisby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young, Carol King and you know… those legends. The structure is clear, the lyrics are inventive and focused, and the harmonies are just interesting enough to keep your attention. The tune feels comfortable and familiar and exciting at the same time – like a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, or like the January Sun!

“Awake in the morning with two clenched fists and all I can see are the chances I’ve missed/ But I try to remember that change moves slow/ But I’ve seen too many new years go come and go.”
Weinfield describes his ambivalence in a manner that manages to be highly philosophical and deeply down to earth at the same time. Most of all it is highly relatable – the impatience and the anxiety of not moving fast enough or in a clear direction followed by a reminder that change moves sloooowly and steadily.
All we can say is: we hope Paul’s release-dates do not move as slow, because we want more of this!

Best listened to: This is yet another perfect road trip song. Pack your bags, put this on and drive into the adventure that is a fresh start! 

Listen for: 0:12, we love the descending harmonies in the verses with that smooth nonchalant voice over it!

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