Bixxi & Alyria, “Out Of My Way”

Damn, it’s getting steamy up in here…can someone switch on the AC before the Tonemamas fall into a full-on music-inspired frenzy? Bixxi and Alyria are turning the heat up with their latest track, “Out of My Way,” and we’re thankful it’s not summer yet because #perspirationisreal.


This track is all about that effortless charm – subtle jazz harmonies (that unexpected but repeated major seventh chord is everything…). The super minimalist arrangement plus shiver-esque vocal tones of Iceland-based Bixxi and Alyria create an all in all sultry masterpiece.
This beautiful duet contains half asking just how far the other one is willing to go, and the answer is “out of my way”. This is a redefinition of how to ask for #couplegoal standards from whoever is lucky enough to call themselves your lover/partner/girl/boy/non-binary friend. After listening a hundred times to this track, the Tonemamas are no longer settling for anything less than a “take-a-bullet-for-me” type of love.

Tonemillers, last summer might have been questionable with quarantine-induced romantic mistakes, but summer 2021 is all about looking for the exact love you deserve!

Best listened to while: getting vaxed, waxed, and ready to enjoy a COVID-safe summer of looooove!

Listen for this moment: 1:23 that high harmony gave us tingles, shingles and everything in between (…cringles?)

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