Jake Knox, “Sold All of Me”

Recently had that pleasant experience of falling in love, swooning, swooning less, swooning hardly ever (“why don’t we swoon anymore!”), fighting, being gaslighted, emotionally manipulated, bullied, and finally saying “boy bye”?
It seems Jake Knox has… but it also seems that they’ve learnt from the experience and are here to help you go through the multiple break-up phases eventually leading to euphoria in their latest single, “Sold All of Me”.

Jake Knox

An eclectic epic bop, this song takes us on a whole mental/ emotional/ spiritual journey of how to move on following the escape of a toxic relationship. Starting from the immediate practical steps (selling your stuff, getting a haircut, new job).
The track begins small with crystal clear vocals. It then builds to a reflective stage in a great pre-chorus, “You were going to save me for the rest of my days/ We were going to see the world or take it day by day”.
We are then taken to the bitterness stage…yes, you know the one, don’t come here acting all innocent like you’ve never burned your ex’s stuff! Finally, the song ends in a final, epic euphoric musical section with a full band that feels like it’s celebrating the long-awaited liberation from a highly destructive situation. This indie-pop/ alternative rock is dynamic, dramatic and dynamite (triple D, baby), and we are here for it while sweeping the ashes of a pair of (*cough*) boxers we might have spontaneously lit on fire!

Best listened to while: deciding it’s time to follow all your friends/family/colleague/spiritual advisor’s advice and finally say GOODBYE to your former-lover-now-toxic-burden

Listen for this moment: 2:44 – the head-banging full euphoric section with full band

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