Brian Elliot, “Familiar Walk To Nowhere”

Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” was called Brian Wilson’s “Pocket Symphony”, due to its many unexpected twists and turns. The masterpiece contains parts that almost feel like little stand-alone compositions, yet fulfill each other perfectly when put together. Someone else who has also decided to”keep all his darlings,” (with majestic results) is today’s featured artist Brian Elliot and his latest release “Familiar Walk To Nowhere”.

Brian Elliot

Based in East Nashville, Brian Elliot is coming at us with a cinematic rock-style the Tonemamas had no idea we needed. “Familiar Walk To Nowhere” is the title-track on the artist album that is premiering TODAY *cue firework and party-hats!!!*
Starting out with a metallic western-movie-sounding guitar, Elliot sings in a dramatic voice that has that wide vibrato only people who’ve studied the legends of rock know. When the rest of the band comes in, it feels like an homage to Pink Floyd, with the guitar, organ and strings over a minimalistic rhythm-section. It’s interesting, yet comfortable and tidy at the same time. And just as we’ve settled, the ride is interrupted around 2:25. Cut to staccato strings, an unexpected turn in an almost Queen-like way, but instead of a poor boy that nobody loves, comes a man on a mission (that we dearly love). 

We love getting such worked-through material! This composition hits you with surprises, yet somehow it’s never “over-kill”. It wasn’t like Elliot couldn’t decide so he just put every idea he’s ever had into one piece, nope –  this seems perfectly contemplated and we are captivated! “Familiar Walk To Nowhere”….more like an unfamiliar walk to somewhere (somewhere extra-dextra fabulous!!!)

Best listened to: Wandering aimlessly through the desert. (Or just your neighborhood, we’re not asking anyone to break travel-restrictions or anything)

Listen for: How to pick a part…Maybe 4:02, when the tune hits a climax and the Brian belts out “the love’s gone!” Over and over again. That feels like a good place!

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