Pjpoppy, “Every Little Moment”

The Tonemamas remember being Toneteens and being madly in love with the entire cast of One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. Yes, good ole’ tortured Luke Scott with daddy-issues and our dear emotionally unavailable Chuck Bass…also with daddy-issues (weird). Yes, because there’s nothing more exciting and frustrating than star-crossed lovers, and today’s artist Pjpoppy seems to know all about that in his latest single “Every Little Moment.”


Pjpoppy is based in New York, where he allegedly makes music out of his closet (…is that what they call New York real-estate these days? #boo-ya).
In his latest single, he’s contemplating going into a new relationship or not. He’s explaining to us an inner argument between two voices, one saying; “I’ve always liked this girl, let’s go!” And another one responding: “No, self love is all there is room for atm.” The story is relatable and frustratingly romantic! Just like Blair and Chuck (well, minus the relatable-part.)

The song starts immediately with the catchy chorus. The 22-year-old artist’s voice has an incredibly beautiful tone and he reminds us a lot of John Mayer. Only Mayer would probably never say “I hope she likes me too,” we’re guessing he’s usually pretty sure…?
And just like John Mayer, there are some beautiful guitar-licks throughout the production that play an important part in setting the comfortable sound we like so much. 

Best listened to when: This feels like a good evening-commute-song. Listen to when you’re tired after a long day and just need something beautiful and relaxing with a nostalgic touch. 

Listen for: 1:06, the beautiful chorus-melody with some extra vocal harmonies? Yes, please. 

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