HunBjørn, “Avicii”

Three years ago, Swedish DJ and producer Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, tragically took his own life. It is a terribly confrontational reminder of appearance versus reality – the appearance of talented and successful people carries a particular illusion. What lies under that illusion usually is only revealed when it’s too late, as was the case with Bergling. The trappings of mental illness – although we’ve come so far, we have a long way to go in normalizing conversations about depression in all walks in life. Speaking about the (far too often) concealed is today’s featured artist HunBjørn with her latest single “Avicii”. 


“Hold on when days are rough/ We can call it off, don’t let it mess you up,” the Copenhagen-based artist sings, followed by listing things she describes as “simple joys in life”.
The themes she has taken on are not simple – suicide prevention is an incredibly difficult topic whether in a debate or in musical expression. How does one person convince another one to keep living? So often the fear of saying something wrong can overpower the ability to try and say something right. A few brave ones try, and that is what HunBjørn is doing. She’s trying to send a reminder and encouragement to “choose life.” 

The electronic-pop track contains that Scandinavian edginess with the dry, metallically treated vocals that reminds us of an early Tove Lo. This, combined with certain rhythmic elements that pull and drag is making us slightly uncomfortable – in the good way. It’s a reminder that discomfort is never a reason to walk away from anything – whether a conversation or a song, something is always better than silence in this context.

Listen for: 2:43, that chorus just hits in all the right ways! 

Best listened to: While checking in with yourself – how are you really? 

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