Lailana, “Pixelated Soundwaves”

Giving us a track both heart-felt and harrowing is Lebanese/ Fillipino singer-songwriter LAILANA tackling drug abuse in her latest single, “Pixelated Soundwaves”.

Singing about the “reality of drugs through the addict’s eyes”, LAILANA has dropped some melodic stardust onto our fatigued ears, and (rare feeling in COVID-19), we feel excited again! Self-taught on the piano and ukulele, this artist has a classical background that is evident in her perfectly crafted melodies and writing skills. Despite grappling with the uncomfortable topic of drug abuse and the vicious cycle it creates, the song feels accessible and palatable. “I can’t help you if you don’t help yourself” she sings and you’ll find yourself bopping along to the super catchy hook, later perhaps understanding the heartbreak in those lyrics sung so easily over a danceable beat.

Based in London currently, LAILANA is an artist we’re ready to fly out to see once we’ve gotten vaxed. Let’s all hang out together after one of her shows?

Best listened to while: On the plane while flying out to see any of your favorite artists

Listen for this moment:  0:50 the first iteration of the hook sung in her beautifully melancholic voice

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