X. ARI, “She Knows It”

Ah, to be held captive under the spell of loooove…it really is a glorious feeling isn’t it? LA-based alt-pop artist X.ARI knows about this, her girlfriend (and source of spell) knows about it, and the track we’re sharing today certainly knows it, appropriately titled, “She Knows It”.

X.ARI is dedicating this song to the woman in her life who helped her realize she was “truly meant to be with women after a lifetime of dating men. 
This love-soaked powerful alt-pop ballad with a sprinkle of hip-hop here and a light dusting of electronic music there is all ENERGY. Starting with a slightly ominous electric guitar line with major anticipation vibes, X.ARI sings in her mesmerizing vocal tone, “Girl, you already got me hooked.” Us too, X.ARI, us too. The track pierces it’s claws into you from the first second and then doesn’t let go…we relate to X.ARI’s lyrics, “Happy prisoner, don’t want to be free.” Us too, X. ARI, US TOO!

With booming beats and pitch-tuned background vocals driving the track forward relentlessly, it’s a non-stop spectacle of that slightly addictive phase of love (…the best phase obviously). And when it comes to X. ARI, we are enjoying our phase of being addicted to her music tremendously.

Best listened to while: Getting ready to meet your own source of the loooove spell

Listen for this moment: 2:00 that distorted, electric guitar solo gives us the shivers!

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