Kristopher James, “Feelings”

At Tonemill we discuss a lot of important topics like religion, science, history, economy, philosophy, math, physical education. Okay fine, we’re just listing our old high school schedule. We admit it, all we EVER talk about in the ‘Mill are feelings (the Tonemamas are soft like that). Thankfully, today’s featured artist Kristopher James seems to have this in common with us!

Kristopher James

Hailing from the state of retirees, spring break kids, alligators and sunshine is Americana/Soul artist Kristopher James aka Gavin DeGraw and Allen Stone’s secret love child.
His latest single “Feelings” is a delicately and thoroughly put together track with a classy horn-section, a nostalgic organ, tasty guitar, soulful backup-singers, rhythm section with a drive and all those other ingredients that put you in that sweet spot of musical experiences.
James seems to have incredible voice control. He belts out with full passion and energy, yet there’s an effortlessness there –  he’s not straining himself to get to the absolute roof of his register or volume. A temptation that can be hard to resist in this style of singing…That’s right, looking at you Michael McDonald. 

The happy, upbeat and celebratory music can trick you into thinking the feelings that Kristopher is describing are butterflies in the stomach on a summer day giggling next to your new big fat crush. But nay! When you take a closer listen to the lyrics you realize the artist is talking about what happens when winter comes and the butterflies go into hibernation. It’s about being stuck in limbo, not able to move back or forward from a relationship. It’s love turned grief, turned confusion, turned heartbreak, turned bitterness, turned anger, turned love again, turned confusion… Yeah, we’ve all been there and that’s why we love this song so much, the confusion is real and relatable!
The Tonemamas have a good feeling about this guy and we know you will too. 

Listen for: 1:15 the way Kristopher belts us into the chorus and then let the horns take over – if you’re not tempted to sing along then you’re a lost cause… 

Best listened to: Biking around aimlessly on a warm summer day – go get that happiness you deserve! 

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